Position Descriptions (Executive Secretariat)

We accept applications from all qualified applicants. We do encourage those who wish to fill these positions have served on staff at a past NWMUN conference and have participated at Northwest Model United Nations for at least 1 year. Preference for Executive Secretariat positions will be given to applicants who have served previously on staff at a Northwest Association for Global Affairs (NWA) Model United Nations conference.

Secretary-General (SG)

Short Description: Head of the Secretariat and Staff for the conference. Responsible for all elements of planning the conference, as well as for managing the Executive Secretariat. Will work with the Board of Directors and Advisory Board to create a logistical, financial and substantive plan for the conference and then manage the conference's staff to implement these plans. Will also be responsible for advising the Executive Director with regards to registration management. Will work with the Executive Director to manage outreach to potential delegations, communicating with the conference venue(s), and recruiting new staff members to fill vacancies on staff. Finally, as the chief officer of the conference, the Secretary-General is responsible for assisting other staff members in the completion of their duties.

Full Position Listing: Download (PDF)

Director-General (DG)

Short Description: The Director-General is responsible for the quality of the substantive program (committees, topics, background guides and committee staff) for the conference. Working in collaboration with the Chief of Staff, the DG helps to recruit, manage and train substantive staff over the course of the year. The DG facilitates the selection of committees and topics, development of any special simulations, and management of the background guide writing process. Finally, the Director-General is responsible for mentoring and teaching substantive staff to help facilitate their growth both in MUN generally and NWMUN conferences in particular.

Chief of Staff (COS)

Short Description: The Chief of Staff is responsible for all staff-related logistics, including travel, lodging, and special events (such as staff socials). The Chief of Staff will work with the Director-General on staff recruitment as well as staff training. The Chief of Staff will also assist the Director-General as needed with the background guide writing process. The COS is responsible, broadly, for the creation of a staff community and identity, as well as communication of staff responsibilities outside of the writing process (such as travel details). Finally, the COS is responsible for recruiting and managing the NWMUN Junior Staff.

Assistant Secretary-General for Logistics (ASG-L)

Short Description: The ASG for Logistics facilitates all external relations of the conference [other than those with delegations, merchandising and the conference venue(s)]. Specifically, the ASG-L finds any conference speakers, including but not limited to the Keynote Speaker; the ASG-L facilitates the Opportunity Fair, where delegates can meet with and get more information from employers and graduate schools; the ASG-L plans any conference-wide social events; and the ASG-L works to develop relationships with sponsors to obtain donations, sponsorships, and program advertisements for the conference. During the conference, the ASG-L is responsible for documenting the conference and producing a short summary of the conference to send to sponsors. Finally, the ASG-L is responsible for managing conference sponsorship/discount/scholarship programs.

Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services (ASG-CS)

Short Description: The ASG for Conference Services is responsible for all physical equipment of the conference, including office supplies, printers and computers for the delegate computer lab, and printing of programs, badges, placards, handouts, etc. The ASG for Conference Services is also responsible for any NWMUN merchandising. During the conference, the ASG for Conference Services will facilitate the operations of the delegate computer lab, Home Government, and conference services. The ASG-CS will also work with the Executive Director to facilitate the processing and printing of conference awards. Please note that the ASG-CS is also responsible for equipment management after the conference, and as a result must stay through Monday morning of the conference.

Full Position Listing: Download (PDF)