Position Descriptions (Administrative Secretariat)

(NOTE: No Model United Nations Experience is necessary for any of these positions.)

Office Manager: The Office Manager is responsible for overseeing the Delegate Computer Lab and managing its day-to-day operations. These include the processing and printing of all working papers and draft resolutions, as well as any other tasks during the conference requested by staff. The Office Manager also produces the physical award certificates once award recipients are determined. Prior to the conference, the Office Manager works with the Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services to assist in acquisition of office supplies and printing materials.

Reporting and Documentation Manager: The Reporting and Documentation Manager is responsible for facilitating  record-keeping across the conference, as well as producing documents chronicling the work of the conference for use by delegates as well as external readers and sponsors. The Reporting and Documentation Manager will also be responsible for taking photos and video around the conference in partnership with conference leadership and the Board of Directors.

Conference Services Staff: The Conference Services staff positions will be responsible for helping the Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services, Office Manager, and Networking & Technology Manager. They will assist in making copies and other administrative tasks. Conference Services staff from previous years will be given priority in Administrative Secretariat hiring, so they are a good fit for applicants interested in getting an idea of what a Model United Nations conference is like, as well as those applicants interested in developing their experience to serve in other positions at future years of NWMUN.